Rough order of play

(this write up is working mostly from memory)

So, it was a first time for us having quite so many people come out for a event such as this.

On the first arrival in Seget Marine (near Trogir/10 mins from Split airport), it was blowing dogs off chains it was so windy, probably gusting up to 35 knots and a tad on the intimidating side for a Saturday evening sail… so once we had the safety briefings and supply loading out of the way, we settled into a few beers/cocktails/pizzas and got to know each other a bit better!

  • Seget/Trogir to Northern Hvar (5 finger bay, near StariGrad) - Approx 25nm

Sunday morning was a bit of a sluggish start but we got off the dock and hoisted the spinnakers pretty soon after

To be continued…