What to bring

Key of Priority = Skippers* | Essential | Recommended | Non-essential


 RULES For All yacht trips

  • Don’t pack items (see below) that will damage the boat or that you could lose easily

  • You’re basically going camping, although you won’t need to carry it every day which is always nice!

  • You tend to need less than you think

  • Disposable water bottles - we are cutting use of plastic wherever possible so please bring your own bottle


 Clothing Essentials

Skippers* | Essential | Recommended | Non-essential

  • Hat | if you can get a clip to attach it to your top so you don't lose overboard

  • Sunglasses | with string/ sunglasses strap

  • Swimwear | at least a couple of changes

  • Casual summer wear

  • Flip flops/deck shoes | non-marking soles

  • Sweatshirt | just one lightweight for if a breeze picks up/ evenings

  • Beach towel

  • Shower towel | normally provided

  • Lightweight Waterproof sailing jacket | just in case!

  • Trainers | hopefully we will get to explore some islands

  • Swim shoes | or just shoes you are happy to swim in urchins are not fun to tread on

  • PJs




Skippers* | Essential | Recommended | Non-essential

  • Wash bag and general toiletries | avoid wipes as they are awful for the environment

  • Sun cream & After sun

  • Sea/travel sickness pills | not often necessary (if you’re about this check out our tips/blog)

  • Insect repellent

  • Anti-histamine | in case of insect bites/stings

  • Any regular medication | keep in hand luggage

  • Hairbrush/Hair ties if this is an issue

  • Lip balm | wind and sunburn always gets you

  • Toothbrush and toothpaste

  • Earplugs

  • Eye-mask


Useful Tech onboard

Skippers* | Essential | Recommended | Non-essential

  • 12v Inverter

  • USB plug/cables

  • EU Adapter

  • Battery power pack

  • Speaker | Bluetooth/waterproof

  • Charging cables

  • Aux audio cable

  • Kindle/E-reader/books



Boat Stuff

Skippers* | Essential | Recommended | Non-essential

  • *Torch | Normal/head torch/lantern - rechargeable is best

  • Spare batteries

  • Mini toggle ties

  • *Cable ties

  • Gorilla tape

  • String

  • *Handheld vhf

  • Life jacket | basic LJ’s are provided on all charter boats

  • *Sailing Knife



Useful kit to have on the boat

Skippers* | Essential | Recommended | Non-essential

  • Mask and flippers

  • Pillow case not essential but nice

  • Cocktail Shaker

  • Knife sharpener

  •  Dry bag (in case you swim to the beach bar)

  • Hammock

  • Travel mosi net

  • Inflatables




Skippers* | Essential | Recommended | Non-essential

  • Passport

  • Cash in currency | for kitty contributions and expenses (not everywhere will take card)

  • Flight tickets and itinerary (check your names are spelt correctly!)

  • Holiday Insurance Certificate/Email

  • European Health Insurance Card

  • Driving Licence

  • Final Information Pack ( which has marina check-in address, boat name, location in marina etc.)

  • *Sailing Certificates (RYA Day Skipper, ICC, VHF licence)

  • Letter from airline with permission to carry lifejacket if you are bringing one.